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Competition on the darknet is very developed; several top platforms are also fighting for primacy here, and so far the top of the darknet has been conquered by the KRAKEN platform. This site is one of the most popular on the darknet, but what matters is not how many people visit, but why they do it. kraken12.at has a very large number of features that make the site stand out from its competitors. Let’s figure out why the KRAKEN website was able to climb to the first line of the top marketplaces on the darknet.

What features are worth highlighting in the KRAKEN ONION marketplace kraken23.at?

The first thing you pay attention to when visiting the kraken16.at platform is the design. We can definitely say that the developers paid a lot of attention time and attention to appearance, and the result was a stylish website with a laconic design, simple but tasteful. This design does not interfere with shopping and you can spend hours on the site. The second advantage is a large number of popular services, such as training for managers and other store employees, a cool forum, the ability to exchange currencies within the site, and this is only a small part of the services from KRAKEN. It is also impossible not to highlight the experienced technical support, which quickly and fairly resolves any disagreements that arise between the seller and the buyer. Last but not least, something worth mentioning is decentralized data storage. 2krn.nl realized Hydra's mistakes and now stores data on many servers around the world.